Can You Get U.S. Scholarships as an International High School Student?



As an international student, you may be able to get scholarships to help you study abroad at a U.S. high school.

Worried about the cost of studying abroad in high school? At Archbishop Murphy High School, tuition for international students is $25,000. However, you may be able to get scholarships that reduce that cost.

Most U.S. scholarship programs are not available to international students. However, there are still a few scholarship programs that may be able to help you afford to study abroad at our school.

The AMHS International Student Merit Scholarship

Our school has a $3,000 International Student Merit Scholarship to promote cross cultural exchange between international students and the greater AMHS community. We evaluate applicants based on their academic rigor, engagement on campus, and commitment to sharing their culture with our school.

You can apply for this scholarship as either a newly admitted student or returning student. If you receive this scholarship, we will apply $3,000 toward your AMHS tuition for the following academic year. 

The priority deadline to be considered is May 15th. You can learn more on our International Admissions page.

Other Scholarships For Studying Abroad in High School


There are other scholarships you can apply for as an international student looking to study in the U.S. These scholarships are often essay contests or other theme-based contests, not scholarships specifically for studying abroad. Many of them are available through global rather than U.S. organizations.

Here are just a few international scholarship programs you could apply for:

  • The ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship: This annual essay contest is hosted by VPN provider ExpressPIN. Each year, there is a different prompt related to encryption, digital rights, internet privacy, and the fight against censorship. Last year, the contest winner received $5,000.

  • The Harvard Crimson Global Essay Competition: This global essay competition lets you choose from a variety of creative or argumentative prompts and hone your writing skills. Last year, there were cash prizes of up to $1,000.

  • The World Historian Student Essay Competition: This international essay competition is open to K-12 students. The prompts change every year, but they generally have something to do with how you personally relate to the study of world history or a specific historical event. Last year’s prize was $500 and a one-year membership in the World History Association.

There may be many more scholarship programs available for high school students from your home country. We recommend doing some research of your own to learn about your options.

Learn More About Studying Abroad at AMHS

Check out our blog to see what it’s like to study abroad at an American High School, learn how to get a student visa, and more. You can also explore our international admissions page to learn about our school and see what international students have to say about our program.

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