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Click here to search our collection of print books. Be sure to click the blue Archbishop Murphy High School Link and then the catalog tab.

Once you get to the catalog page, you may search by keyword, title, author, subject, or series. The results page will indicate how many copies we have of a particular title and whether that book is currently checked out. If you are searching for several books on a particular topic, you may click the "printable" box in the upper right to print out a list of your results


Academic databases are often superior to Google for research because they contain reliable sources, return all full text articles without any advertising, and have a dashboard of tools for organizing and sharing your research. They are one of the main research tools you will use in college, so it is important to become comfortable using them now.

To access our databases, go to the main Library page under academics. We use two subscription providers, EBSCO and ProQuest. The EBSCO databases are accessible by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the library page. Users may choose subject specific databases like the History Reference Center, or broad databases like EbscoHost or The Student Research Center. The ProQuest menu is accessible by clicking the ProQuest button under Research Resources on the Library page.

If a basic search returns too many hits, use the advanced search feature and limit your results by additional terms, publication date range, and source type. The advanced searches generally yield fewer, more targeted results.

Creating both a ProQuest and an EBSCO account allows you to utilize the folder tools for saving and organizing your research. Use your school log-in and password so they will be easy to remember.

See Mrs. Hitchcock if you need help using any of these resources. You will also need to get the user name and password for EBSCO and ProQuest if you want to access them away from school.

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You must create a library log-in using your student number to access this curated website search tool. See Mrs. Hitchcock if you need help.

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