Meet Our Wildcats

MEET JADEN (12th Grade)

Why did you choose to attend AMHS?
I chose to attend AMHS due to the environment and community of the school. Coming from a private elementary and middle school, attending AMHS helped me feel at home but at the same time gave me a whole new perspective of a private school. Although it is still a high school and there are many students and teachers, any one of them would welcome you into the community.  I would describe the AMHS environment as open-minded, diverse, and joyful.

What is your favorite part about AMHS?
My favorite part about AMHS is most definitely the relationships between the students and teachers/coaches. Archbishop Murphy’s teachers, coaches, and staff have always treated me with respect and love. They are more than just employees doing their jobs and teaching us. They actually give the time to make sure you don’t just understand their subject but also make sure you are doing well physically and mentally. Every teacher and coach wants you to succeed, and you can see that through their actions every day. The coaches at AMHS are also dedicated to make sure every athlete of theirs is happy and healthy. Coach Jansen, Coach Price, and Coach Jordan have all helped me become a better athlete and person overall. Coach Jordan I would say is one of the most influential teachers/coaches at AMHS. He is always making sure that the students’ health and wellness at AMHS is thriving. The AMHS faculty will always be there for their students in any way possible.

What is your favorite class and why?
I love all my classes at AMHS, but Matteo Ricci (English 12 Honors/Social Studies 12 Honors) is my favorite class due to the different environment of the subjects. Matteo Ricci is more than just improving your writing/reading skills or learning about history–it challenges you to think critically and understand different perspectives of a text or passage. The class isn’t about being right or wrong, but more about dialogue and understanding other’s views. Matteo Ricci is an open-minded class where everyone’s perspectives are respected and relevant. Mr. Wright and Ms. Schmidt are intellectual teachers who will help you succeed and make sure you understand the material in their class.

Finish this sentence: "Murphy pride is…"
Murphy Pride is having the courage to do something right when no one else will.

MEET CAMERON (11th Grade)

Why did you choose to attend AMHS?
I chose to attend AMHS because I went to a public high school my freshman year, and I wasn’t loving the environment and atmosphere of the school. At AMHS, you have more help since it is a smaller school. The positive and encouraging atmosphere is the best at AMHS and everything I had heard from students before I attended was nothing but positive. I also play soccer and other sports and feel very supported and encouraged which is awesome. 

What is your favorite part about AMHS?
My favorite part about AMHS is the feeling of community and close relationships with my classmates, peers, and sports teams. At our school, I can walk around campus and not only know all of the students in my grade but older and younger grades as well. You can talk to anyone including teachers and staff, and feel comfortable going up to new people. I also love how close sports teams are to each other.

What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class is History. I like learning about the history of other countries because I find it very interesting and different. I have Mr. Mclaughlin for US History this year, and had Ms. Schmidt for World History last year—they are the best teachers. They make class fun and incorporate activities to make the class more than just reading or studying. Community Period is my favorite overall because you get to know your teacher and classmates all four years and do things like assemblies, activities, and competitions. 

Finish this sentence: "Murphy pride is…"
Murphy Pride is building relationships, demonstrating the “Murphy Way,” and being a part of the Wildcat family.

MEET MS. JESSICA HALL (Business Pathway Program Director)
Jessica Hall is the Business Pathway Program Director at Archbishop Murphy High School. Jessica teaches Introduction to Business as well as Marketing Management, and also manages the student store and our DECA chapter. 

What is the Business Pathway Program?
The AMHS Business Pathway Program empowers students to pursue their curiosities and futures in the myriad of career pathways available to them in local, national, and global markets. Committed to cultivating insight, the program enhances student understanding of business administration, marketing, finance, hospitality, and entrepreneurship through a specialized curriculum and experiential learning. In alignment with the mission of AMHS, the program is committed to providing opportunities to develop the necessary skill sets and ethics to function effectively in the 21st century workplace.

How does your interaction with students bring our mission to life?
At Archbishop Murphy, it is our goal and duty to ensure that our school "nurtures the full development of the gifts that God has given to each student, fosters service as an outgrowth of faith, and values diversity." I have the honor to be both a business teacher and DECA advisor at AMHS. Thus, I get to interact with students inside and outside the classroom as they explore everything the business world has to offer. I feel that it's my important duty to teach and guide students to be humble leaders, curious learners, and empathetic members of our greater community. Whether the students and I are exploring potential careers in the classroom or competing at the DECA State Career Development Conference in Bellevue, as a teacher and advisor, I have the opportunity to help each of my students grow to their full potential.

Why do you work at AMHS?
I am excited to be here because of the strong Murphy community! I know that the students, families, and staff are thoughtful, talented, creative, and giving - and I am excited to be a part of such a generous and supportive community. I’m also looking forward to contributing my own skills, strengths, and experiences to strengthen the Business Pathway Program and DECA chapter, and the greater AMHS community.

What is your favorite part of teaching?
My favorite part of teaching is providing the tools, knowledge, and resources my students need to be successful in life. As a CTE teacher, I enjoy working with students to help them discover all the opportunities the business world has to offer. Whether they decide to pursue a business-related career in the future or not, I hope that my classes enable students to smartly and safely navigate life after high school. 

Finish this sentence: "Murphy pride is…"
Realizing your potential to better yourself and your community!