Meet Our Wildcats


Meet Micah Dizon. As a member of multiple sports teams over the years, she has an immense amount of #MurphyPride and shows it in every activity she participates in. She is a varsity volleyball player who has been playing for three years. Micah also participates in track & field in the spring. In addition to sports, she also has an affinity for music. She is a member of the Music Composition Club and sings at many school masses and at the AMHS Gong Show. Even with all of her extracurricular activities, Micah remains focused on her academics and was inducted into the National Honors Society. As a member of NHS, she is a tutor for other students. She represents the school as an AMHS Ambassador and enjoys having middle schoolers shadow her at school to experience a day at AMHS. Micah is an exemplary example of what it means to live in the Murphy way!

What is your favorite class and why?

My favorite class is Matteo Ricci because it’s a philosophy class! The class teaches students to think critically and although it may be tedious and complex, I love that it challenges me. Mr. Wright and Ms. Schmidt are extremely helpful and they encourage me to work hard and think outside the box. I also like to speak my mind so seminars and presentations are always my favorite.

Why did you choose to attend AMHS?

I chose to attend AMHS because of its environment and the feeling I get when I’m on campus. When I was in 6th and 7th grade, Mr. Curtis taught band at AMHS and at my old middle school. There was a program he hosted called “Wildcat Band Buddies” that I attended three times a week at AMHS. It gave me an insight into what high school would be like. I was super nervous, really shy, and scared that there were going to be intimidating high school teenagers, but I was wrong. The students were so accommodating, bright and inspirational. The moment I walked on campus and was greeted by Mr. Curtis and his band students, I immediately fell in love and felt at home at AMHS. AMHS helped to mold these students to be Christlike leaders, and I knew from the very first class that this is the place where I’d want to grow to become a leader too.

What are your future goals and aspirations after high school?

After I graduate, I hope to become a doctor. I plan on going to UW Bothell for college and I am excited to go there. I haven’t decided what kind of doctor I want to become, but I am looking into surgery or anesthesiology. Helping and healing people is the ultimate goal, and I hope that can be my reality after I graduate.

What is your favorite thing about AMHS?

My favorite thing about AMHS is its openness to all and dedication to its students. One thing that I’ve experienced at AMHS that is not often seen or heard of in other high schools is the willingness of students and faculty to have in-depth conversations on difficult subjects. Because students are able to have those types of conversations, it creates a diverse culture. My other favorite thing about AMHS is how teachers and students are always willing to help anyone who needs it. The amount of resources and support AMHS has for its students is a special quality that most people won’t find in any other high school.

How do you plan on leaving your mark on AMHS once you graduate?

I plan to leave my mark on AMHS once I graduate by being a leader. I want to be a leading example of what it is like to overcome any challenge. I hope to inspire people to work hard, be the best that they can be and to never be afraid. I also want to encourage people to be kind to others, to be accommodating to everyone, and to remember to be humble. I learned that to be a leader is not to just be confident and take pride in what you do, but it is also to serve your community. Serving my community, living out my values and being a role model to others is how I plan to leave my mark on AMHS.

Finish this sentence: “Murphy pride is…”

Being proud to wear your school colors and to always be a Wildcat!


Gail Wellenstein joined Archbishop Murphy High School in 2002. Gail works in the AMHS Science Department. She practiced pediatrics in Albuquerque, San Francisco, and Everett for a total of 15 years before studying and working in public health at UW for three years. She is the Director of the Health Studies Program which began in 2017. 

1. What is your role at AMHS? (Briefly, explain the Health Studies Program)

I am the director of the Health Studies Program (HSP), a four-year elective program that is now in its second year of a four-year roll out. Over the past three years, I have worked on developing the curriculum and community connections for the program as well as teaching the HSP classes.  I also teach the AP Biology class and assist the Knowledge Bowl team. We began the Health Studies Program in response to strong student interest in health care fields.  The program enhances student understanding of the healthcare field through a specialized curriculum and experiential learning, and in keeping with the mission of AMHS, aims to cultivate respect for life in all of its stages and manifestations and compassion for those in need.

2. How does teaching health studies prepare students for their future?

The program is designed to help students understand both personal and public health issues in order to make responsible health decisions for themselves and others throughout their life, including the understanding of public health needs and financing.

The program explores a variety of healthcare careers through case scenarios, site visits, speakers, job shadows, and volunteer opportunities in order to prepare them for possible careers and leadership positions in the healthcare field.

Most importantly the program gives students the essential knowledge, understanding, and opportunities to appreciate and respect life, respond to people in need through direct action, and work for a just world.

3. How have you seen AMHS change for the better over the last 10+ years?

The changes center on diversity; in the student body, in course offerings, and in co-curricular activities. It’s exciting to see my classroom change. Students from a broader range of backgrounds bring in fresh ideas and challenge old notions. Course offerings like Street Law and Climate and Climate Change prepare students to navigate the world, and hopefully bring needed change. Classes in Guitar, Drama and Pottery expand horizons for students and provide them with new interests and skills. Co-curricular activities such as Robotics, Mock Trial, and Chess Club supplement the strong athletic program and provide more connections and a sense of belonging for our students.

4. How do you see your interaction with students bring our mission to life?

My students learn about the world as it is- both good and bad, not just through the curriculum but through community connections via speakers and field trips. They are given the opportunity to explore solutions to the problems through discussions and volunteer opportunities and my door is always open for conversation and guidance on their path after AMHS.

5. Why do you work at AMHS?

I believe in the mission of AMHS and greatly appreciate the faculty and staff, students, and families that are a part of this community. AMHS provides space for educators to go beyond the constraints of a traditional curriculum and develop connections and programs that meet the challenges of the world today and assist our youth in navigating their world.

6. What is your favorite part of teaching health studies?

Every day I get to share my passion with students who are interested in a healthy world. We have great conversations. Teenagers ask the most interesting questions that strike at the heart of what it means to be a good person.

7. Finish this sentence, "Murphy pride is...."

Striving to do my best for myself and for others.


Meet Samson Irish-Lodge. As a student athlete and musician, Samson has a lot on his plate. He is a sprinter on the AMHS track & field team and in 2018, Samson placed 1st at districts for the triple jump, and went on to place 5th at the 2A State Championship. He is also a captain of the tennis team, which he has been a member of for the past two years. Along with his athletic talent, Samson has a passion for creating music. He is the president of the Music Composition Club and plays guitar, piano, and sings. He also participates in the school musical and performs in the AMHS Gong Show. In addition to all these commitments, Samson is a school Ambassador.

What is your favorite class and why?

Matteo Ricci is my favorite class because it provides an opportunity for me to engage in critical thinking that pushes me to think beyond the surface of my beliefs and understand what it really means to believe in something. This class challenges me to keep an open mind and teaches me about different perspectives on topics like justice, ethics, morality, and government, and helps me keep up to date on current events.

Why did you choose to attend AMHS?

I chose to attend AMHS because it provided the best opportunities for me academically and the ideology of Catholic teaching has always played a factor in my education. I went to Saint Mary Magdalen, so Catholic education is very valuable to me. I love that AMHS gives students the opportunity to express their faith through prayer, liturgies, or on retreats like Quest and Kairos. Along with having wonderful teachers and staff, AMHS has an amazing community that expresses Catholic values.

What are your future goals and aspirations after high school?

After high school I, intend on pursuing psychology to work towards becoming a sports psychologist. I also want to continue fine tuning my musical capabilities to become a better pianist, singer, and composer. Helping others and expressing my creativity has been an important foundational facet of my life and is essential to my identity. I have been blessed with my athletic and artistic prowess and I have always been taught to share my talents with the world, which I will accomplish through my future occupation and personal objectives.

What is your favorite thing about AMHS?

My favorite thing about AMHS is the community. The people that I have met here are going to be my lifelong friends and I can’t imagine how my life would be without them. Because of the relatively small size of the school, there has been great emphasis on being a part of a family which has moved me to create extraordinarily valuable relationships with both my classmates and teachers. I consider my closest friends at AMHS my brothers and sisters and that’s not something that you can get from just anywhere. AMHS is unique in the way it creates such a tight knit community which is something that I am vastly grateful for.

How do you plan on leaving your mark on AMHS once you graduate?

Once I graduate I want to be able to maintain a connection with the student body to give advice to incoming freshman about making the most of their high school experience. I also want to exemplify what it means to be a Christlike leader. My goal is to serve others in a way that inspires them to do the same. I want to inspire those around me to be an active member of their community and to consciously make decisions that contribute to the amelioration of both AMHS and the world.

Finish this sentence: “Murphy pride is…”

Believing in those who believe in you.