Meet Our Wildcats

MEET SOLOMON (10th Grade)

Why did you choose to attend AMHS?
I chose to attend AMHS because the first day I stepped on campus, I sensed something special. AMHS has a welcoming spirit containing multiple opportunities, making the community feel like a big family. In just my first year at the school, I have already felt a change in myself both academically and in areas beyond the classroom. I am immensely grateful that I chose to spend all four years of my high school journey here, and I am truly looking forward to creating my own path!

What is your favorite thing about AMHS?
AMHS has so many amazing elements. I love the way the school has such an inseparable community, which is composed of the most caring and helpful people I have ever met. AMHS adapted to the pandemic smoothly, while maintaining and spreading a strong sense of hope. The academics at AMHS are also very organized, with clear assignments and comprehensible lessons. The school offers tons of opportunities including multiple sports teams, diverse clubs, and various extracurricular activities. I am eagerly looking forward to playing on the AMHS soccer team! The close community and distinct opportunities that AMHS has are remarkable.

What is your favorite class and why?
I enjoy all of my classes, but if I had to choose a favorite class, I would choose Biology. We dig deeper into learning about vital life processes and the balance of the environment. Through labs and lively activities, we can grasp concepts and understand the science of life. We also learned about how diseases spread and the inner workings of vaccines, which is especially helpful during a pandemic. Students in Biology class inspire each other to learn, grow, and succeed. 

Finish this sentence: "Murphy pride is…"
Murphy pride is uniting to overcome challenges and to achieve success.


MEET CLAIRE (11th grade)

Why did you choose to attend AMHS?
I chose to attend AMHS because of the community it had to offer. I have attended both a very small, private elementary school and a large, public middle school. At the elementary school I attended, I knew everyone very well. At the middle school I went to, there were hundreds of kids in each grade, and I had to navigate everyday differently. AMHS is the perfect middle ground. 

What is your favorite thing about AMHS? 
My favorite thing is the community. Throughout each school year I grow closer with friends, teammates, and teachers. At AMHS, our teachers see every single one of us as individuals. They want to see us succeed, not only while we are still in high school, but beyond. They do everything they can to support us. They always reach out to stay updated on each of the students' sports games, asking how it went. 
Sports teams bring together students of all grades. I have met some of my closest friends in other grades through sports. Everyone supports and cheers each other on. We celebrate our wins as a whole school. 

Being on a team means spending every day of the week during the season with an amazing community of athletes and coaches. The coaches here are great, and the weight lifting program is such a unique and beneficial opportunity. Not only is Strength and Conditioning one of my favorite classes, but Coach Jordan also has individual programs set up for each sports team.

What is your favorite class and why?
My favorite class is Theology. I find this class very engaging because we learn about different views from all over the world. It is such a safe environment where students have very respectful discussions about different views. We learn something new every day, and our opinion may change, and nobody ever gets defensive that you have changed your mind. It is an amazing feeling to help educate fellow classmates and to see them grow. 

Finish this sentence, "Murphy pride is..."
Murphy pride is actively supporting those around us because we are a family, and we always want the best for each other.

MEET MS. JESSICA HALL (Business Pathway Program Director)
Jessica Hall is the Business Pathway Program Director at Archbishop Murphy High School. Jessica teaches Introduction to Business as well as Marketing Management, and also manages the student store and our DECA chapter. 

What is the Business Pathway Program?
The AMHS Business Pathway Program empowers students to pursue their curiosities and futures in the myriad of career pathways available to them in local, national, and global markets. Committed to cultivating insight, the program enhances student understanding of business administration, marketing, finance, hospitality, and entrepreneurship through a specialized curriculum and experiential learning. In alignment with the mission of AMHS, the program is committed to providing opportunities to develop the necessary skill sets and ethics to function effectively in the 21st century workplace.

How does your interaction with students bring our mission to life?
At Archbishop Murphy, it is our goal and duty to ensure that our school "nurtures the full development of the gifts that God has given to each student, fosters service as an outgrowth of faith, and values diversity." I have the honor to be both a business teacher and DECA advisor at AMHS. Thus, I get to interact with students inside and outside the classroom as they explore everything the business world has to offer. I feel that it's my important duty to teach and guide students to be humble leaders, curious learners, and empathetic members of our greater community. Whether the students and I are exploring potential careers in the classroom or competing at the DECA State Career Development Conference in Bellevue, as a teacher and advisor, I have the opportunity to help each of my students grow to their full potential.

Why do you work at AMHS?
I am excited to be here because of the strong Murphy community! I know that the students, families, and staff are thoughtful, talented, creative, and giving - and I am excited to be a part of such a generous and supportive community. I’m also looking forward to contributing my own skills, strengths, and experiences to strengthen the Business Pathway Program and DECA chapter, and the greater AMHS community.

What is your favorite part of teaching?
My favorite part of teaching is providing the tools, knowledge, and resources my students need to be successful in life. As a CTE teacher, I enjoy working with students to help them discover all the opportunities the business world has to offer. Whether they decide to pursue a business-related career in the future or not, I hope that my classes enable students to smartly and safely navigate life after high school. 

Finish this sentence: "Murphy pride is…"
Realizing your potential to better yourself and your community!