AMHS Student 2019-2020 FORMS


The current AMHS Family Handbook is available on the AMHS website (

Students receive a copy of the current version of the Handbook as part of their student planner, and the new edition will be available to everyone on our website by the end of July.

Some important areas the family handbook covers are: the AMHS mission statement; general information including medical emergency procedures and school fundraising; academic information including graduation requirements; the Covenant of Student Conduct and attendance policies, etc. Please read the entire handbook. There are many other topics that are important to know as you move through your years at AMHS.

Please watch for announcements that the current edition has been updated, or that a new edition is available.

Please read the current edition of the Handbook on our website and sign the form below. This is a required step in the enrollment process for all students, and your registration will not be considered complete until this form is completed and submitted. Students whose Enrollment Forms are not completed will not be admitted to classes when the term begins.

AMHS provides this Handbook to acquaint students with the school's general student policies. Nothing contained in this Handbook is intended to form an agreement between AMHS and the student. ​​​​​​​​​​​
Updated information reflecting changed in the Handbook will be emailed to students and families they occur and the information will also be added to the appropriate pages on our website. However, AMHS may amend, supplement or rescind any provision of the Handbook, with or without prior notice to students.​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​
We, as parents and student will fully comply with all the policies, rules and regulations of AMHS. (Please click each box in agreement) ​​​​​​​​​​​​
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2019-2020 AMHS Computer Use Policy

AMHS maintains a computer network and Internet connection to assist students in carrying out their duties and for academic activities. Students will not receive their Moodle log-in until this form is received by Student Services.

Computer and network use

1.       All school computer systems, personal digital equipment and related peripherals may be used only for school-related purposes.

2.       Students shall not attempt to access other users’ accounts, files, e-mail or data. Nor shall students attempt to alter the software or hardware configuration of any school computer.

3.       Wireless network access is available on a limited basis and is not a universally supported service.

Activity may be monitored; no expectation of privacy

Computer systems, including electronic files and e-mail, and the information contained on them are the sole property of the School. The School may monitor the use of the computer network, Internet, and e-mail at any time at its sole discretion.

Erasure not reliable

Students should be aware that even when a message has been erased or a file has been deleted, it may be possible to retrieve the message or file from a back-up system. Students should not rely upon erasure to assume a message or file has remained private.

Internet filter

AMHS maintains a web content filter. The filter compares requests for a web site against a list of offensive and/or questionable websites in order to reduce the risk of students viewing inappropriate material. Use of a proxy internet host to circumvent a blocked site represents grounds for loss of computer use privileges.


Students may not play games on the computers.


Students should not disclose their passwords to anyone. Do not allow other students to use your account; you may be held accountable for any malicious activity conducted under your computer account login. Students should report any abnormal computer activity or security concerns to the Network Administrator immediately.

Illegal or Inappropriate Activity

Students may not use the computer system to conduct any illegal or inappropriate activity, including but not limited to, replicating copyrighted materials, distribution of obscene or other inappropriate material, making threats, cracking, etc. Software, whether on the School computers or network, may not be copied or downloaded.

No Warranties

AMHS does not make any warranties for the computer service provided. Students should evaluate information gained through electronic sources in the same manner they would evaluate all other information used for their work. Data safety is the student’s responsibility. Stored files may be deleted without notice and data may be lost for other reasons including a system failure. Individual user files are not backed up; users are responsible for providing backup data security for their own computer data.


Students shall not attempt to vandalize school property, including computers and related equipment. Vandalism includes, but is not limited to, a malicious attempt to harm or destroy the data of another user or to disturb the computer services at the School or on the Internet. This includes, but is not limited to, exercising security holes; creating, accessing or spreading computer viruses; or any other activities designed to disrupt the computer system.

Virus Protection

Computer viruses that replicate over e-mail, portable storage devices or networks can destroy the computer systems. Many viruses are automatically spread without the user’s knowledge, frequently to others in the user’s e-mail address book. Students should therefore not open e-mail attachments, even from someone they know, unless they are expecting the attachment. Removable media should not be introduced to the computer network without authorization from the Network Administrator. All suspected viruses should be reported to the Network Administrator immediately.


Violators of the Computer Use policy may face disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, loss of school computer privileges for a certain period of time, suspension or expulsion.


I have read and understand the Acceptable Use Policy.


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