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Please select which group you will be training with during the summer program.​
Informed Consent, Release for Participation, and PHI Release: In checking this box, I affirm that I have read, been informed of, and signed all other necessary documents regarding touring, program trialing, membership, rules and regulations, terms and conditions, media release, and the exercise program itself in their entirety. I also affirm that my questions regarding the exercise program have been answered to my satisfaction. I also understand that the ownership and all affiliated staff hold the right to revoke membership for center misuse and failure to comply with all terms, conditions, rules, and regulations. Also, in consideration for being allowed to participate in the exercise program, I agree to assume the risk of such exercise, and further agree to not hold Archbishop Murphy and any of its staff members conducting the exercise program responsible for any and all claims, suits, losses or related causes of action for damages, including, but not limited to, such claims that may result from my injury or death, accidental or otherwise, during, or arising in any way from the exercise program. I understand that I am responsible for monitoring my own condition throughout the exercise program and should any unusual symptoms occur, I will stop my participation and inform the staff of the symptoms. In the event that a medical clearance form must be obtained prior to my participation in the exercise program, I agree to consult my physician and obtain written permission from my physician prior to the commencement of any exercise program. It is understood that personal health information (PHI) of the athlete may be shared with AMHS Administrators, the Director of Performance, Coaches, and Counselors if it is deemed necessary. ​

AMHS Waiver/Release regarding COVID-19

I acknowledge that my student, is willing, voluntarily, and under my allowance participating in athletics, extracurricular activities, and/or physical education at Archbishop Murphy High School. In consideration of my students voluntary involvement in these aforementioned programs at AMHS, I have had an opportunity to carefully read the current CDC Coronavirus Precautions and Guidelines, Washington State Coronavirus Response, and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Guidance for Opening Up High School Athletics and Activities. I have also received educational information by AMHS Faculty and Staff discussing potential COVID-19 virus-related health risks and recommended precautions in person and also via their published “AMHS Return to Activity” plan. I was given an opportunity to ask questions regarding the COVID-19 virus and my COVID-19 virus-related questions were answered. 

I acknowledge and agree to the following: 

  1. I am aware of the COVID-19 virus and guidelines as reported by the CDC, Washington State Governor's Office, and the NFHS Guidance. I have considered all of these risks, made my own inquiry and investigation, and voluntarily agree to assume them for my student.

  2. The enrollment of my student at AMHS signifies that my student is voluntarily and willingly choosing to come to the AMHS Campus when physically able.

  3. My student, through my permission, is voluntarily and willingly participating in activities aforementioned above.

  4. I assume to further agree to voluntarily assume all risks related to the COVID-19 virus.

  5. I consent to my students’ participation in contact tracing protocol, if necessary, at AMHS lead by a Chief Safety Officer (CSO) and the Department of Health

  6. On behalf of myself, my heirs, successors and assigns, hereby waive and release AMHS, its employees, trustees, officers, and agents from and against all claims, liability, rights, causes of action, costs, attorneys fees and expenses of any nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, for injury, loss, or damage due to contracting the COVID-19 virus.

I,  (Parent/Guardian),  have read the above and agree that the statements are accurate.

This acknowledgment shall be in effect from the date this document is signed and shall remain in effect until the conclusion of the related academic school year.