Retreats at AMHS are full of community-building, lively activities, and of course faith. The Freshmen Retreat is required for all Freshmen, but the rest of the retreats are strongly encouraged but not required.

All students are welcome regardless of their religious background, assuming an openness to share and an attitude of respectfulness is present.

Our retreat programs always change to meet the needs of our students.

Freshmen Retreat

The "Freshmen Retreat" emphasizes getting to know one another and living the "Murphy Way" of doing good, giving respect, showing excellence and living faith. 

Quest Retreat

The "Quest Retreat" is open to all freshmen and sophomores and invites students to explore the three "Circles of Joy" while deepening relationships with themselves, friends, and family and with God.  


The "KAIROS" retreat experiences have been life-changing events for many AMHS students.  This powerful weekend retreat is open to all juniors and seniors.  Kairos, translated as “God’s time,” is a unique opportunity for our juniors and seniors to strengthen their relationship with God through listening and discussion, prayer, sacrament, and time for relaxation and reflection.  The retreat format is now used extensively across the United States.  The retreat encourages the building of a strong community through openness, reflection, and trust. 


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