2017 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
2016 Big Fish
2015 Music Man
2014 Grease
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Synopsis: Adam Pontipee comes into a small mountain town after the winter to get some corn, farming equipment and a wife. He is searching for a woman who is pretty, young, strong, loving and a good cook. Whether he actually loves her doesn't matter; he wants a full time maid more than a wife.
Big Fish

Synopsis: Edward Bloom a charismatic teller of tall tales, is a source of frustration to his only child, William. At Will's wedding, Edward embarrasses him by telling the guests an impossible-sounding story about the day of Will's birth, involving a giant catfish that ate his wedding ring. Will believes that his father tells lies to get attention and confronts him angrily. They don't speak to each other for three years.



5th Ave Awards -  Honorable Mention for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a non-singing role

  • Daniel Johnson for his performance in the Music Man


Congratulations to Paula Zupke who took 2nd place, in the soprano category, at the WMEA Solo and Ensemble competition. 


WA State Qualifiers for Solo and Ensemble.  

  • Paula Zupke - Soprano
  • Mariah Conley and Maggie Nolan - Soprano Duet
  • Max Vilgalys - Oboe
  • Mariah Conley, Jason Kinsfather and Max Vilgalys - Woodwind Trio.

Mariah Conley was nominated by the 5th Avenue Theatre for Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical.


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