The testimonials below reflect the impact a few hours of service had on the lives of AMHS students.  

"This year has changed my life..."

"This year has changed my life. I have always had a good relationship with God, but I can feel it growing stronger. I look forward to spreading the awareness of serving others, and encourage all to use their service as an opportunity, rather than a job." -Natalie Robinson (Class of '15)

"...I learned that there is whole new side of me..."

"I believed that by volunteering, not for school, but for my community, and knowing that it is the right thing to do, I am choosing the Kingdom of God. I chose the Kingdom of God a long time ago, but by providing help to those who are sick, providing food for those who are hungry, and by loving my neighbor and my enemy, I am choosing the Kingdom of God all over again. I befriended people I didn't know, I loved my neighbors, and I also learned who is approachable and able to talk to anyone. I think that while serving these hours at Teen Feed and Sunrise, I learned that there is a whole new side of me that just appeared these last couple of months." -Taylor Herrera (Class of '15)

"She called us God's angels and the answer to her prayer..."

"The feeling I got when the woman who I cleaned for cried is unexplainable. I have never felt so much happiness in one sentimental gesture. I was blessed by her tears because I had never felt so appreciated. The reaction she gave me is something that will stay in my heart forever. This woman gave me hope. She tole me that I have her hope. She said we were able to lift her out of depressions. She called us God's angels and the answer to her prayer." -Gillian Grant (Class of '15)

"I think I've started to change, and really understand happiness..."

"I spent quite a few hours these last months, actually making a difference for other people. I admittedly still don't like getting off the coach and getting to work, but that's a change for another day. Anyways, helping these people has been amazing, personally. Making them happy and changing their day for the better made me happy to help them. It is a strange phenonmenon, but when there is just a flicker of heat, it can explode into a forest fire. Happiness isn't any different. You help someone, smile at them, even give them an ear to talk to, it'll completely change their disposition. That one person that is happy is like a lit match, and you'll feel the glow from starting that fire. Helping someone in such a minor way as just giving them a meal makes both parties blessed...I think I've started to change, and really understand happiness. I've had an overall great experience doing SPIN hours, despite not wanting to do them at first. I can't wait until this summer, so I can share with the community once more." -Jeff Lindahl (Class of '15)
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