Community Period

With the implementation of the block schedule at AMHS, each student is scheduled for 8 periods. Seven of those periods are academic classes, and one is community period. Community period takes place during 6th period on Black Days, and is when assemblies, masses, study halls, and other activities take place. Students attend this 75 minute block with an assigned teacher, and the same cohort of students throughout the year.

Black Day

0 Period7:00-7:5050 min
5th8:00-9:2585 min
6th (CP)9:35-10:5075 min
7th (a)11:00-12:2585 min
1st Lunch10:50-11:2030 min
7th (b)11:25-12:5085 min
2nd Lunch12:25-12:5530 min
8th1:00-2:2585 min

Black Day-End of the Day CP

0 Period7:00-7:5050 min
5th8:00-9:2585 min
7th9:35-11:0085 min
8th (a)11:10-12:3585 min
1st Lunch11:00-11:3030 min
8th (b)11:35-1:0085 min
2nd Lunch12:35-1:0530 min
6th (CP)
1:10-2:2575 min

CP Calendar

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