Tuition Award FAQ's

When will the tuition assistance application be available and when is it due?

Applications for awards will be available on Monday, November 2, 2015, and are due to FACTS by Friday, January 15, 2016.

When will families be notified of a tuition assistance award?

For incoming students, letters will be sent out at the same time as acceptance letters, which is February 11, 2016.  (Letters are sent in a separate envelope due to the sensitive nature of the information.)  For returning students, letters will be sent out the following week.  The letter will inform the family of their tuition award and also what their expected tuition payment will be.

Is there an income threshold?

There is not an absolute income threshold, although if you make over $125,000 and there are no extenuating circumstances, it is unlikely that we will be able to offer an award.  We do consider family size and a variety of other circumstances, but we have a limited number of funds to dispense. 

Is the application for tuition awards required each year?

Yes. Tuition Awards are awarded for one year, so we will evaluate your financial need on an annual basis.

Does AMHS have tuition awards based on athletic, artistic, or academic ability?

There are a small number of merit-based scholarships available for freshmen. These are generally not very large. We do not offer athletic scholarships. All other tuition awards are need-based.

Will applying for tuition awards reduce chances for admission?

Admission decisions and tuition awards decisions are made separately. AMHS finances the majority of its tuition assistance out of its operating budget, and so the amount is finite. Given that AMHS has more qualified students applying for tuition awards than we have the means to fund, it is likely that some applicants will not be considered as qualified. Our tuition awards process is based on the assumption that families are applying for assistance only after having explored other possible means of meeting educational expenses.

If a student enrolls without tuition awards his/her first year, can he/she apply for tuition awards later?

AMHS is unlikely to grant tuition awards to a student who enrolls without tuition awards unless his or her family experiences an unforeseeable, financial hardship after enrollment. If you are counting on gifts from relatives, it is important to discuss with them their ability to maintain that help over your four years at AMHS.

If parents are not together, who should fill out the tuition award application?

Both parents should consider completing their own tuition awards application. AMHS believes strongly that parents have an ethical obligation to pay for their child's education to the extent possible.  We understand, however, that parenting plans may be in place that cannot be compromised, and which may limit a parent’s responsibility for educational expenses. If either parent has remarried we will consider the income of the stepparent, keeping in mind the obligation of that stepparent to his or her other children. If either parent lives with another adult, we may consider the assets and income of that person, depending on the circumstances. We do not share the financial information of one parent with the other. If a tuition award is granted, both parents will decide how to divide the responsibility of paying tuition.

What should be done if my family's situation is complicated?

After submitting your application to FACTS, please send us a letter with your most current tax return explaining the special circumstances (such as a missing parent or one who has not provided support and has not been in contact with the family for a lengthy period of time). Each case is considered individually, and every effort is made to be sensitive to particular family circumstances. To be fair to all of the students, tuition award decisions are based on demonstrated need rather than willingness to pay.

Who should fill out the tuition awards application if a guardian provides housing?

The tuition awards process for students who live with a guardian will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If the parents are claiming the applicant on their tax return, then the parents must complete a tuition assistance application.

Do I have any other options for financial assistance?

AMHS is an approved partner with Sallie Mae and Your Tuition Solution.  You may apply for additional financing through them at or

What if I withdraw my student?

Whether the parent or school initiates withdrawal of the student the liability for tuition is:

  • Contract Signed- June 30th, 2016: $125 Deposit
  • July 1, 2016- January 31, 2017: 50% Tuition
  • February 1, 2017 - end of school year: 100% Tuition 

Is my tuition award guaranteed each year?

Although the award amount is not guaranteed each year, you are likely to receive it if you have paid the school in a timely manner.  It is a requirement of continued assistance that the student keeps a 2.0 cumulative GPA, has not failed any classes, has an account in good standing with the school, and has no discipline issues.

Is there an appeal process?

If you feel an error has been made, or there are circumstances that the Business Office might not be aware of, your first action should be to call Roberta Ryan, who will bring your case to the Controller. You should not call the President or Principal, or any other administrator about tuition awards.

Why didn’t I receive any/more assistance?

Every student at AMHS already receives a subsidy of over $1,800. This is the difference in the cost of educating your student and what we charge for tuition. Beyond that, our tuition awards come directly from the school’s operating account. We do not have a large endowment from which to draw funds. The school pays for the assistance from tuition revenue from other families, and from fundraising throughout the year.


Does AMHS offer scholarships?

There are a small number of merit-based scholarships available for freshmen. These are generally not very large. We do not offer athletic scholarships.

What are the criteria for Tuition Awards?

AMHS awards assistance based on need, with the following considerations:

·         Current students are awarded assistance first, based on any change in their financial situation.

·         Current students with incoming freshmen siblings are considered next, so that we can continue to maintain the family relationship.

·         The remaining funds are distributed next to students from our feeder schools.

·         If there are any funds after that, they are distributed to public school 9th graders.


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