The Archbishop Murphy FIRST Robotics team, “Murphy’s Law,” is a team of dedicated students who strive to achieve greater heights in the fields of mathematics, science, technology, engineering, business, and marketing. With the guidance of our mentors, the ultimate goal of our team is to create an atmosphere of professionalism, teamwork, and excitement as we field excellent robots to compete in FIRST competitions each year.


  • To build a solid base for years to come
  • To learn how to build a robot by applying skills learned in school with the help of adult mentors
  • To build a successful robot that competes well that meets the challenge’s requirements
  • To inspire innovation and promote self-confidence and self-growth
  • To inspire appreciation of science and technology among high school students
  • To promote teamwork and communication in a positive environment

Coined a varsity sport for the mind, the robotics team combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. Students are encouraged to combine their creativity, knowledge, and effort to build a successful robot. Limited to a 6-week design and build season, team members are split into sub-teams to plan and build a robot designed to compete in the annual competitions.

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