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“Human and Christian life calls for growth. Such growth comes through prayer, reflection, and study. There is a need for all of us, including myself, to recognize this priority in our lives today. As a Pilgrim People of God who constitute the Church today, let us keep on searching for ways in which all of us are able to respond to the challenge of growth in prayer and knowledge. Such growth brings life; without it, we stagnate.”


Welcome to the Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy Archive.

Archbishop Murphy was a prolific writer throughout his life. He appreciated and understood the power of quality communication. The archbishop possessed a unique ability to convey the key principles of the Catholic Church and the core foundations of his ministry in a meaningful way – a way that priests, religious men and women, and lay people can absorb and understand.

The documents in the Online Archive cover three time periods:

  • 1972 to 1978 – His ministry in Chicago as a priest and as Rector of St. Mary of the Lake Seminary
  • 1978 to 1987 – Bishop of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, MT
  • 1987 to 1997 – Archbishop of Seattle

There are a total of 1,181 documents in the Online Archive. They break down into the following categories:

  • 583 columns
  • 351 homilies
  • 159 addresses
  • 71 miscellaneous documents
  • 17 newspaper articles

The entire staff of Archbishop Murphy High School and the Murphy family hope that you find inspiration and meaning in this collection of documents. They were written by a man who truly loved the church and saw it as a foundation to make a difference in the lives of people of all walks of life.

We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, MT and the Archdiocese of Seattle. The development of this treasure trove of documents would not have been possible without their assistance and guidance.

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Do I have permission to reproduce the documents?

All resources contained in this archive (all documents, videos, photographs, etc.) are the property of one or more of the following entities: Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School, the Archdiocese of Seattle, the Diocese of Great Falls, Montana, and the family/estate of Thomas J. Murphy. Reproduction or uncited/uncredited use of the resources contained in this archive without approval of the appropriate entity is prohibited.

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