Pathway Programs



The AMHS Business Pathway Program empowers students to pursue their curiosities and futures in the myriad of career pathways available to them in local, national, and global markets. Committed to cultivating insight, the program enhances student understanding of business administration, marketing, finance, hospitality, and entrepreneurship through a specialized curriculum and experiential learning. In alignment with the mission of AMHS, the program is committed to providing opportunities to develop the necessary skillsets and ethics to function effectively in the 21st century workplace.

The intention is for students to begin the pathway in either 9th or 10th grade to gain the full experience. However, it may be an option for a student to join the program at the beginning of 11th grade if they’re enrolled in Introduction to Business.



Students in the Health Studies Program (HSP) are admitted as a cohort in freshman year. Over the four years of high school, HSP students take a full regular academic schedule but have one class per year with their cohort- see the courses section below for more information. These specialized courses require students to develop independent learning skills and expose students to a wide variety of medical careers.

In addition to these classes, students attend several field trips to local hospitals and other medical centers to see and learn from people working directly in medicine. Each year multiple guest speakers provide additional insight about different aspects of medicine and related fields.