Tuition & Affordability

The Board at Archbishop Murphy High School is committed to making an AMHS education accessible. Each year, the tuition is set knowing that tuition and fees will not cover the full cost to educate each student.  Fundraising through the annual fund, the auction, and other development activities provides the balance of the cost to educate. 

$19,950 = Base Tuition

All students who want to attend Archbishop Murphy High School should submit their applications regardless of their financial background. Opportunities for tuition assistance are available from both AMHS and the Fulcrum Foundation of the Archdiocese of Seattle.


$19,950 = Base Tuition

  • Annually – Single payment of the applicant’s tuition balance due by July 1, 2024. Payment will be pulled on the 5th of July through SchoolAdmin.
  • Semi Annually – Two tuition payments totaling full tuition balance by July 1, 2024 and January 1, 2025. Payment will be pulled on the 5th of July and January through SchoolAdmin.
  • Quarterly – Four tuition payments totaling full tuition balance in July 2024, October 2024, January 2025, and April 2025, via SchoolAdmin (a non-refundable $30 set-up fee will be charged).
  • Monthly – Twelve monthly tuition payments totaling full tuition balance, via SchoolAdmin. Payments begin in July and will be pulled on the 5th of the month (a non-refundable $30 set-up fee will be charged).

Based on the chosen tuition plan, monthly or quarterly payments will vary depending on method of payment chosen (credit card, automatic deduction from checking or savings). A specific payment plan will be delineated upon signing of tuition contract.

For families with one child enrolled full time at AMHS, each additional sibling concurrently enrolled full time through the fall semester will receive a $1,100 discount on his/her annual tuition, in addition to any tuition assistance or other awards.

Our business office is happy to discuss payment options for your family. Please click here to submit your questions.


Non-refundable Enrollment Fee: $500

Fees will apply to athletics, graduation, certain classes and co-curricular activities.

Contact the business office for specifics on these additional fees.


Please contact our Business Office with International Tuition questions at 425-379-6363