Classes at AMHS are designed to appropriately challenge students to develop critical thinking skills and prepare students to become life-long learners. In a small class environment, students learn the skills and habits needed to be successful as they transition to become adult learners and self advocates in their post high school transition.

AMHS offers numerous AP and college credit classes in science, history, world language, math, social science, and English -all taught by exemplary educators. Over 70% of our faculty have advanced degrees including five teachers who have doctorates.

As freshmen, students can apply for a four year pathway program called the Health Studies Program – fostering student interest in health and health services. Additionally, a new program called the Business Pathway Program launched in 2020.

The Academic Resource Center provides support for students with diagnosed learning differences, offering them structured assistance while teaching students to succeed in a rigorous academic environment while achieving independence.


Courses at Archbishop Murphy High School (AMHS) are designed to prepare students to enter colleges or universities. Within this college preparatory framework, AMHS seeks to direct students into courses which will consistently challenge their capacity and potential. Succeeding at Archbishop Murphy High School requires rigorous effort by students in both their classes and in their assignments.

Academic credits are assigned each semester for every course in which a passing grade is earned. A passing grade in a year-long course earns one credit, while passing a semester-long course generates one-half credit.

The courses required for graduation from Archbishop Murphy High School meet or exceed the minimum entry requirements of colleges and universities in Washington State.