AMHS will be continuing with The Catering Company for Tuesday through Friday lunch service to provide various lunch options for the remainder of March. This program is now open to the entire community. This partnership will provide healthy and delicious meal choices to fuel our students on campus. These meal choices will also include personalized dietary needs and options for all.

Per TCC’s request, the cut off times for ordering meals for delivery will be scaled up to 48 hours after April 5th.

This adjustment is due to the increase in order volume as we are returning more students to campus. TCC is taking every step to make sure special requests have enough time to be processed. This also will mean you will have to order Tuesdays lunch by Sunday at 8pm at the latest. Please adjust your order times accordingly. It is still highly suggested that you order the weekend before.

AMHS Lunch Program: Ordering Process
AMHS Lunch Program: Ordering process