Faith & Service

“Our journey in faith will challenge you to be people who will work for peace and justice, who will recognize Christ among the poor and homeless, who will be faithful to the challenge of the Gospel and the tradition we share as a faith community.”


Archbishop Murphy High School strives to inspire and develop Christlike leaders for the transformation of the world. As students engage in academics, athletics and co-curricular activities, Campus Ministry’s focus is to ensure every student has an authentic experience of Christ’s presence in all facets of daily life.

Be it through celebrations of prayer and liturgy, community service, or retreat experiences, Campus Ministry provides opportunities for the school community to explore a deep, meaningful, and active relationship with God.


We have been in contact with the Archdiocese of Seattle and have received guidance around how we might continue to offer liturgical opportunities for our school community. In response, the Archdiocese had provided us with some wonderful resources. While we will be actively planning to be online and live streaming all of our Masses, we are also prepared to switch to in-person Masses as we are able. It is required that students attend all liturgical celebrations. Students will be with their CP, either virtually or in-person, and attend Mass together.

Archbishop Etienne will be offering daily Mass on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:00 am. This provides a unique opportunity for our students to be able to attend Mass with the Archbishop. Our Mass of Joy and Hope as well as our Catholic Schools Week Mass both take place on Friday and so we will be utilizing this opportunity.

As a Catholic School, we celebrate Holy Days of Obligation as a community. All Saints Day as well as the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception are two holy days we will be celebrating as a community. For these Masses, we will be tuning into live streams from various parishes in our surrounding community.


Once each semester, we offer the opportunity for smaller class prayer services. Our Seniors and Sophomores will attend these prayer services together at one time. Following that prayer service and on a separate date, our Juniors and Freshman celebrate together. With these prayer services, we hope to be able to bring smaller groups of students to campus to be physically present while also live streaming for those students who are not able to be on campus. These prayer services will rely heavily on the involvement of our students. They will also include a reflection component that will create an opportunity for communal growth.

Just as we did last year, we will hold an Ash Wednesday Prayer Service, where we will hopefully be able to bring students on campus and also live stream for those who are not present.

As a Catholic school, we offer Reconciliation Services twice each year in the seasons of Advent and Lent. It is our hope to be able to offer these services in person. However, in the event that we are unable to be in person, we will strive to hold some sort of virtual opportunity for our students.