Tuition Awards & Assistance

At AMHS, we are committed to awarding and honoring students who demonstrate excellence in various areas, as well as supporting families to make our school accessible.


  • Honors at Entrance Award- Students who complete the application process before the Application Deadline are automatically considered for the Honors at Entrance Tuition Award. This Award is based on test scores, middle school grades, and the teacher evaluation forms.
  • Archbishop Murphy Scholar Award – This award is given to three incoming 9th grade recipients who are selected each year from a committee which includes the President, Principal, Admissions and counselors.
  • Mock Trial Award- This award is given to an exemplary Mock Trial participant during the AMHS Middle School Mock Trial Tournament.
  • Middle School Speech Tournament Award– This award is given out to exemplary speech tournament participants during the Middle School Speech Tournament held at AMHS.


  • Reminder for Current Families – Tuition assistance is not renewed automatically. Current students who receive tuition assistance must reapply annually.
  • Families apply for Tuition Assistance via FACTS. A child may apply to multiple institutions on one application. Since we do not know the exact tuition amount for next year, please use the current tuition rate of $18,950.¬†School# 30027. Application Fee is $35.

IMPORTANT – The Fulcrum Foundation requests that you do not select them when you are choosing schools/organization in FACTS if any of the following are true:

  • Your family size is 4 or fewer with a current total household income greater than $60,000
  • Your current family total household income, no matter the family size, is greater than $125,000
  • You have no extraordinary circumstances (major medical expenses, loss or change of employment status, etc.)

You may still select Archbishop Murphy High School, even if these circumstances are true.

Please check with our Business Office for more questions regarding assistance.