Wildcat Merit Award: $2000 towards tuition, renewable each year

AMHS offers a number of merit based tuition awards to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, spirituality, and/or service in middle school. There is no separate application for these awards and students are notified of the award in their acceptance letter. Merit awards do not require any demonstrated financial need. The admissions committee selects the merit award recipients during the file review process.

Archbishop Murphy Scholar Award: $3000 towards tuition, renewable each year

This award offers a total amount of $12,000 towards AMHS tuition , equally divided for the four years the recipient attends AMHS. Three incoming 9th grade recipients will be selected each year from a committee which includes the President, Principal, Admissions and counselors.


  • Resume, Cover Letter and Letter of Recommendation must be submitted to the selection committee.
  • The committee will reserve one candidate each year representing diversity in our community.


  • Students will have a strong academic record, considerations will include financial need, and a desire to continue to complete the sacramental process through confirmation (or have already completed this.)
  • Preference will be given to students who can describe how they have shown leadership in their previous schools—in clubs, student councils, athletics, in the classroom, or other extracurricular activities—or in other community organizations.
  • In order to apply for and be awarded , an applicant must have demonstrated financial need and the AMHS Business Office must have a current completed FACTS Tuition Assistance form on file for the applicant’s household.