Spirituality & Wellness Program


The Wellness Program at AMHS strives to bring unique initiatives to campus with the goal of improving mental, physical, and spiritual aspects across the AMHS community. These programs are before, during, and after school through collaboration with campus ministry, counseling, faculty/staff, parents, community members business leaders and local and national consultants. Topics such as mental health, respect, and life skills are key components during many community period based events.



Praying with the Daily Readings in the life of the Church:

Pray as you go

Praying the Examen (prayerfully reviewing your day and taking stock of your thoughts and feelings):


A passage from the Bible followed by a reflection and a prayer:

Jesuit Prayer



Meet Jordan James, the Director of Wellness and Sports Performance at AMHS. Jordan received his Bachelor’s degree from St. Lawrence University and completed his Master’s at California University. He is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, United States Weightlifting, USA Track and Field, Functional Movement Systems, and Precision Nutrition. His previous Strength and Conditioning coaching experience was at Liverpool High School, St. Lawrence University, University of Cincinnati, San Jacinto College, Ignition Athletic Performance Group, and Velocity Sports Performance. He enjoys spending time relaxing with his daughtAnchorer.

How do we promote/encourage wellness on campus?

Wellness is a high priority at AMHS. Today’s high school student has numerous challenges facing him or her. These challenges can be self-imposed in the form of lofty academic, athletic, or personal goals, or external coming from their family environment or everyday coming of age pressures. If we can give them the tools rooted in education and faith to be successful in managing those challenges, there is nothing they cannot achieve. It starts by creating a supportive and unified environment. From teachers, support staff, administration, campus ministry, counseling services, athletics, facilities, and everything in between, the students and their families should know that we care about these important developmental years and want our students to grow and experience a fulfilling Catholic education. Our wellness program offers stress-reducing tips, helps students identify and combat anxiety, promotes staying connected through effective communication, improves sports medicine and overall medical resources on campus, and creates support groups centered around community and faith. We are working on revamping the on-campus meal program for 2019-20. Wellness has a lot of seen and unseen tasks that make for great work and everyone at AMHS is committed to this work.