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Welcome New Families

Welcome New Families!

Your family brings special gifts and talents that makes our school great. At Archbishop Murphy High School, we take pride in the quality of the education and formation we provide. We want your child to receive the encouragement he or she needs to grow intellectually, psychologically and spiritually; to realize those God-given talents and to share them with others while having fun along the way.

We hope the booklet below answers questions you may have as you begin your AMHS experience. However, if at any time you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Volunteer Information


AMHS was started by a group of parents in 1988, and ever since then, parent involvement has been key to who we are as a school. Per the AMHS contract and the handbook, all families are required to contribute 20 volunteer hours per school year. This obligation can be met in the following ways.

1. Serving the 20 volunteer hours or contributing goods of equal value (20 hours = $400). Volunteer hours and approved donations can be found in Sign-Up Genius. Any donations and/ or volunteer hours outside of those in Sign-Up Genius need prior approval from the school Controller. Requests for volunteer hours and goods are in the weekly AMHS Announce.

We are going paperless. All service hours and contributions of goods will be recorded electronically on SignUp Genius. Here is how it works:

  • Go to Sign-Up Genius for volunteer opportunities: You may need to create a login and password. Don’t forget to save it as a favorite.
  • Review the volunteer opportunities across the many areas of the school by clicking HERE
  • When signing up be sure to include your phone number and email address.
  • Sign-up Genius will automatically send you a reminder two days prior to your scheduled time.
  • When arriving for your volunteer job, be sure to sign. This is very important. If you do not sign in, your hours will not be counted towards your family obligation.

2. Auction Donations - Donating or procuring items for the annual DREAM auction count towards this obligation.

3. SCRIP Participation - Families can purchase gift cards at The gift cards provide a kickback percentage for the school. The kickback percentage will count toward your family obligation.

4. School Wish List - Check the school wish list page on Sign-Up Genius. There may be item(s) you would like to purchase and donate to the school.

5. Buy Out - Families can opt to buy out all or part of this obligation at $20 per hour (20 hours x $20 = $400).

Student Services FAQs

If you have any questions please contact us at 425-379-6363 our office hours are 7:00AM - 3:30PM.

How to report an absence

Report an absence at 425-379-6363 or email at A student is considered absent by missing an entire class or by arriving more than 20 minutes late to class. A parent or guardian needs to call or email the school before 9:00 am to report an absence. If the parent/guardian does not notify the Student Services office, phone calls will be made by an automated calling system.

Types of Absences


This is an absence excused by a note from the parent which must be submitted within 24 hours of a student’s return to school. If a note is not submitted within this time frame, the student may not be allowed to schedule the makeup of missed tests, quizzes or submit missed assignments resulting from the absence. However, even in the case of excused absences, students may not receive credit for missing class activities that require attendance such as performances, graded discussions, and labs.


  • Teachers will help with makeup and tests.
  • Illness
  • Medical, dental and counseling appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of school hours
  • Absences related to death or serious illness in family
  • School-sponsored activities
  • Non school-sponsored sporting events (e.g., gymnastics, crew, lacrosse, etc.)

Teachers are not required to assist with make-up work or tests. Accepting late assignments is discretionary and disciplinary consequences may be assigned. If a parent does not give a reason for the absence, it will automatically be assigned an EA2.

  • Overslept
  • Traffic problems
  • Too tired
  • Stayed home to study
  • Elective surgery/medical procedure
  • Went to the computer lab to finish a paper
  • Family vacation
  • College visits
  • Absences due to suspension

There are two types of school-sponsored activities. SA – Required, school-initiated activities DOES NOT count toward official absence total (see CONSEQUENCES OF ABSENCES AND TARDY ARRIVALS below) Examples:

  • Field trips (teacher initiated such as Spain, Performing Arts, etc.)
  • Sports events where students’ names are on rosters
  • Academic competitions (Math Team, Hi-Q, etc.)
  • Class retreats
  • AMHS admissions recruitment trips
  • Student of the Month awards ceremonies (Rotary, etc.)
  • School play
  • Prep for assemblies
  • Prep for mass/liturgy choir

Avoidable absences without a parent’s written permission constitute truancy. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Skipping a class or a full school day
  • Skipping school activities which are scheduled during the school day
  • Leaving campus at any time during the day without permission
  • Missing assigned detention
Teachers may not allow credit for any make up work or tests. Each unexcused absence will result in a detention, which must be performed in service of the school. Other consequences that may be assigned are doubling missed class time in detention, suspension, parent conference, and/or a behavior plan. In addition to contacting parents about T1’s, we will also use the online form to inform parents that a student has an unexcused absence. Parents will have 24 hours to excuse this absence with a note, phone call or e-mail. Unexcused absences that are not cleared within 24 hours may result in 60 minutes of detention for each period missed. Any absence type that is in question/disputed will be referred to the administration and any decision about the type of absence will be final. AMHS reserves the right to discipline students for absences and tardy arrivals including, but not limited to, reprimand, detention, suspension, or expulsion. Such action is in the discretion of the school.

Illness During School Hours

If students are ill during school hours they are asked to come to the Student Services office. Students may call home as needed. Students cannot be sent home without parent or guardian permission. Students who do not check out properly will be subject to disciplinary action. AMHS does not have a nurse on staff or a health room.

Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be on time, in their seats and ready for class to begin when the bell rings. A student is considered tardy when they arrive to class no more than 20 minutes late. A tardy during the students first period of the day is labeled as a T1.

A student arriving late or returning to campus, must sign in at Student Services.

T1 is only excused with a medical note. Each student is allowed 3 T1’s per semester to accommodate unexpected traffic delays, carpool issues, etc. T1’s beyond that point will be subject to discipline at the discretion of the Dean of Students.

Dress Code

It is the policy of AMHS to hold students to a dress code reflecting modesty and individual dignity. The intent of our dress code is to lend dignity to both the individual and the school in order to enhance the learning environment. A student in violation of the dress code as outlined below will be asked to change into appropriate attire and/or receive a detention. If a student is unable to change into clothing in congruence with the dress code, parents may be contacted and the student may be sent home to retrieve a change of clothing. Repeated violations of the dress code will result in progressive discipline at the discretion of the administration. If a student wears an outfit not covered in the guidelines below, the administration will have final say on its appropriateness. AMHS relies on, and expects, parental support in enforcing the dress code. We are grateful for all parental effort and contributions in this regard.


Students must adhere to the general dress code as outlined below. The clothing on the list below is allowed, and any item not listed is not allowed.


  • Having sleeves and a neckline that is at or above a straight line drawn between the top of the underarms
  • Long enough to fully cover midsection and back with arms raised
  • Featuring school appropriate logos


  • Free of fraying and holes
  • Loose fitting dresses and skirts of sufficient length (approximately 3” above the top of the kneecap)
  • Non-athletic shorts of sufficient length (approximately 5” above the top of the kneecap)
  • Jeans and slacks


  • Within the range of natural hair colors
  • Neat, clean, non-distracting, and may not fall in front of the eyes. Boys must have hair pulled back into a ponytail if it falls below the collar
  • Neatly trimmed facial hair not to exceed 1/2 inch in length
  • Hats/hoods are not to be worn inside the schoolhouse


  • Earrings (gauged piercings and other visible piercings prohibited, including the tongue).
  • Visible tattoos are prohibited.
  • Other traditional jewelry (e.g. – bracelets, necklaces, etc.).

Shoes are to be worn at all times. Open toed shoes and sandals are acceptable unless they pose a safety risk for an activity or class.

The administration will determine certain days to be “Spirit Days.” These days are to increase school spirit, and to celebrate various aspects of the AMHS community. Students are encouraged to dress for the theme designated for that Spirit Day. On this day, students should wear clothing that aligns with the standard dress code, but may also wear the following that fit with the theme:

Athletic shorts (must follow length requirements established above).

Sweat pants.

Yoga pants.

Warm-up style pants.

Face paint is acceptable, but not masks that cover the face.

In all cases, the underlying guideline of modesty and good taste must be maintained. To participate, students must dress within the theme established, or will be considered to be in violation of dress code.

Liturgy is an opportunity for the AMHS family to gather in celebration of our best example of servant leadership. As such, there is an expectation that students will dress to the occasion. Students should arrive at school already dressed for the liturgy, and remain in Liturgy Dress for the entire day. The AMHS Liturgy Dress policy is as follows:

Dress slacks, tucked in dress shirt, and tie. A dress sweater may be worn on top.

Dress slacks or a loose fitting dress/skirt of sufficient length and blouse/top.

Parent Association


The AMHS Parent Association promotes the involvement of the parents of AMHS students in activities to support the school and build our community. Our primary focus is the parents, students, and faculty/ staff of AMHS.

As a parent of a student at Archbishop Murphy High School you are automatically a member of the AMHS Parent Association.

Our Parent Association puts on 14 events each school year, staffed the events with nearly 150 volunteers, provided over 500 home baked cookies, and provided volunteers and snacks/drinks for events totaling over 2,000 people. The events included open houses and new family dinners, holidays, end of finals celebrations along with several senior events for the students, and faculty/staff appreciation treats and lunches. In 2017-2018, we are introducing several new programs such as Parent Buddies, a Parent Link Day and centralizing the volunteer and donation opportunities.

We would appreciate your gift of time. To learn more and get more involved click HERE.





SCRIP contributes thousands of dollars a year to AMHS. Just by doing your daily errands, purchases, coffee breaks, etc, you can have a direct impact on AMHS.

What is the ordering process?

  • Submit orders online using
  • You can create a new account or transfer an existing account using the following enrollment code for AMHS: E4DEDAL14966
  • SCRIP orders (plastic cards) will be available in the front office the Thursday following the order deadline.
  • SCRIPNow! and reloads can be purchased anytime.

When can I order?
Orders are placed monthly. Orders must be placed by 8AM on these dates.

How do I pay for Scrip?

  • Payment can be made by:
    • Presto Pay online
    • Check (make checks payable to AMHS SCRIP)
  • The most convenient way to pay for SCRIP is by using PrestoPay. PrestoPay links your ShopwithScrip account to your bank account. For a $.15 cent fee, PrestoPay allows you purchase any ScripNow! eCards or Reload funds onto some plastic cards (look for cards with the reload option) almost instantly! Using PrestoPay also allows you to avoid the hassle of writing checks when you pay for physical gifts cards!


Contact our parent volunteers, Heather and Jennifer, at


Calendar: CP and Late Starts


Links & Downloads

Calendar: Key Dates


Red Day Schedule

0 Period 7:00-7:50 (50)
1st 8:00-9:25 (85)
2nd 9:35-11:00 (85)
3rd (a) 11:10-12:35 (85)
1st Lunch 11:00-11:30 (30)
3rd (b) 11:35-1:00 (85)
2nd Lunch 12:35-1:05 (30)
4th 1:10-2:35 (85)

Black Day Schedule

0 Period 7:00-7:50 (50)
5th 8:00-9:25 (85)
6th (CP) 9:35-10:50 (75)
7th (a) 11:00-12:25 (85)
1st Lunch 10:50-11:20 (30)
7th (b) 11:25-12:50 (85)
2nd Lunch 12:25-12:55 (30)
8th 1:00-2:25 (85)

All Schedules

For a list to all schedules click here


Please fill out ALL forms below by the first day of school.